Episode 52

#47 A Little Bit Ping Pong


January 17th, 2017

1 hr 14 mins 25 secs

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About this Episode

It's Episode 47 of the Is This A Thing Podcast!

"A Little Bit Ping Pong"

Starring: Marc, Dan, and Akshat!

Potential Things This Week: 

  • Marc Got Into A Car Accident: Hey, Marc got into a car accident, but he's fine. His blue Prius is gone, but the real tragedy is that his Kanye CDs are gone. The ones he used to listen to Kanye West! How will he listen to one of the most ubiquitous, well-known artists in the last two decades now? We'll never know. 
  • Smartwatches: Welcome to Akshat's watch corner! Akshat assures you that as much you would like to hit him in the face after hearing this segment, he probably wants to hit himself in the face more. 
  • Sub-Dermal Magnets: That's right, you heard us. What's confusing about sub-dermal magnets? Is that the core concept? The basic question we all need to ask ourselves when we do anything: why bother? Well, we don't have any answers for you. Just disdain. 
  • Ping Pong: Is it truly a stereotype for Asian people to be good at ping pong? Where does the term come from? Follow us on this ethnography that most critics described as "offensive" and "banal, lacking insight, and largely racist". 

It's episode 47 of the Is This A Thing? Podcast! We're back! Again! For real this time. Seriously. We first discuss Smartwatches! Akshat's the worst in this one. Don't worry, he probably hates himself more. We then talk about sub-dermal magnets! What? We don't know! We know it's stupid though. So, so stupid. Finally, we have a listener topic! Yay! Someone asked if it's a real stereotype that Asian people are good at ping pong. Of course it is, listener. Frankly, you asking seems a little bit ping pong to us. 2017 is a new year. And new year, new us, we've always said that. This year, we're back and more depressed than ever before! We hope you'll join us. In both things. That's right. In both things

"You know this guy murdered his kid, right?"

Special thanks to Fletcher Magellan for our theme song, "Oh, No!" off his upcoming album Became a Stranger. Listen to it on his Bandcamp, and follow him on Facebook for more information about show dates and tour info