Episode 54

#49 Soccer Moms and Juggalo Dads


April 25th, 2017

52 mins 14 secs

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About this Episode

It's Episode 49 of the Is This A Thing? Podcast!

"Juggalo Moms and Soccer Dads"

Starring: Marc, Dan, and Akshat

Potential Things This Week: 

  • Juggalo march on Washington: We're all marching, why not the Juggalos? Why not let them run the country? We're not here to make a political podcast; we've specifically been banned from doing that. Either way, they're marching, so if you're a fan of bad music and worse drinks, book a flight now. 
  • Intermissions in Movies: It's all about finding your favorite intermissionist, you know? Sure the Arclight in Hollywood costs 30 dollars a ticket. But Johnathan is an artist, and you can't put a price on art. 
  • Boneless Chicken Wings: Are they just chicken nuggets sold to adults. Well, we'll be the judge of that. On this podcast. It's basically the core concept. 

It's episode 49 of the Is This A Thing Podcast! We're back! Again! Seriously, for reals. We heard the wails, we heard the cries, we got constant letters from all around the world, and we finally relented. What were we doing while we were away? Wouldn't you like to know! Oh, you would? Well, Marc's started a co-op in his neighborhood, which is wonderful. Dan's been doing a lot of humanitarian work, building houses and stuff. He's very handy. Akshat's been spending his time volunteering at soup kitchens. Really giving back, you know? No seriously, we just pissed the time away doing fuck all. Whatever, you know? What, were we supposed to spending it doing something productive? What're you, our dads? 

Special thanks to Fletcher Magellan for our theme song, "Oh, No!" from his album Became a Stranger. Listen to it on his Bandcamp, and follow him on Facebook for more information about show dates and tour information.